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tdbSQL - The first SQL Server based on tdbengine

tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY sql server for the tdbengine RDBMS without needing a web server (CGI). It is a client-server-solution which can be accessed via TCP. Its aim is to access tdbengine-DBs from other programming languages than EASY (PERL, PHP, C, C++, C#, JAVA etc.) over the net, so if you work with one of these languages you don't have to learn a new one any more, or you can insert data from a tdbengine-database into your program. tdbSQL combines the perfomance of the tdbengine with the feeling and standards of other SQL-databases and it unifies the data-access. It has an integrated rights management, that allows you to decide WHO may do WHAT (,WHEN) and from WHERE.
It includes 'select', 'include', 'update', 'create', 'drop' and other important SQL commands that you can do everything with your data what you are used to do on other databases.
Another aim is to provide the acceptance and to increase the level of awareness of the tdbengine.

The development of tdbSQL is a private initiative witch is merely supported by the tdb Software Service GmbH - we have no profit!
tdbSQL is a OpenSource project, so everybody is allowed to edit the source code and to transmit it following the GPL. You also can play a part in the project by writing a documentation, examples or applications or you create interfaces for programming languages like PHP, Perl, C etc.
Get the state of development in the CVS of

What is the tdbengine?
tdbengine is a RDBMS with a programming language called EASY included. The connection to the Web-Server is established with the standard CGI interface.

Why should you use tdbengine?
- tdbengine is very small (about 400 kbyte), very fast and easy to administrate. You can get Versions for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT/2000.
- tdbengine is freeware. It is written in Pascal and you can compile it with FreePascal without any additional libaries or packages.
- tdbengine allows you to seperate design and programming. You can create database-based webapplications in a few moments.

Look at a view examples to see how tdbSQL can be used.

Visit tdbSQL Developer Forum to get news about the project.

Visit the project page for further information.

Visit (it's still German only) or NEW shortend English version) to get the latest version of the free tdbengine.